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ProductStrengthPack Size
Zoledronic Acid Concentrate for Solution for Infusion4mg/5ml1 vial / box
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Bone Metastases

Bone metastases refers to the spread of cancer cells from their original sites of the bone. This is particularly common in breast cancer and prostate cancer. Severe pain and bone fractures are usually experienced by patients with bone metastasis.

Zoledronic Acid is indicated for the prevention and treatment of skeletal complications in patients with bone metastases due to all solid tumors. For prevention of skeletal complications, Zoledronic Acid should be administered every 3 to 4 weeks. Patients are also required to take daily supplement of calcium and vitamin D, unless hypercalcaemia is present. The most common symptoms of Zoledronic Acid are back pain, nausea and fatigue. Dental surgeries should be avoided due to the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw.